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Latest Resource List- CALL or have someone call to get appropriate lead person and contact info. for EACH specific resource listed. ALL support is directly gifted, unless written agreements/contracts are in hand with various entities. Not all resources are tax deductible! It depends on the sponsor/sponsors! Updated weekly or sooner. Last update: 1-2-17 10:AM.

S.T.E.M. Grant - Coding Instruction/Computer Lab   Supplies One Instructor & Software! Part-Time 20 Hours or Full Time 40 Hours @ 50% Salary Match. Estimated savings to non-profit is $20,000 - $40,000.

Radio Station - Operations   Supplies a full-time Engineer/Operator for a web based radio station. Includes basic Web app and Website. Peace be unto You would own coding until project completed per agreement. 50% Salary match. Estimated savings to non-profit is $35,000 per year.

Minister or Director of Communications  Supplies one person to handle Faith based or Non-Faith based social media, web based radio station and internal and external PR. Available to stream primary day for Service. Includes software, network/bandwidth, devices, etc.... Estimated savings to non-profit is $50,000 to $100,000 per year. Salary match is based on sliding scale/size of organization.

Food Bank -  Open to anyone.  No current waiting list for immediate need.

Secure Extreme Emergency/Victim Rescue Shelter -  (Waiting list for room..)  No waiting list for a rescue consultation that does NOT need immediate "safe" place. Regardless, we can LOCATE a place, other than the one we directly sponsor via a vetted network we are a part off.

Spiritual - Many are often misguided as to ORIGINAL/QUALITY sources regarding various Spiritual belief Systems. We conclude that you MUST READ & STUDY YOURSELF! READ Cover to Cover. You will find the logical conclusion...... but YOU MUST READ!


Short Term Safe Place Locations